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Chicken Thieves of the Night

Tonight we moved our young chickens out to pasture with our older layers. Just as it was getting dark we tiptoed into the chicken coop, captured each chicken one at a time, clipped their wings and transferred them to the pasture chicken house buy cialis overnight shipping. Surprisingly, it went very smoothly. With all four of us helping it went very quickly too. It was too dark for pictures but I will post some tomorrow. Hopefully the chickens will be happy together in the pasture.

We have our guard dog Orion in the pasture protecting the chickens. As we transferred them to the new coop he had to check out each one and lick it on the face.

The added bonus for tonight was shining our lights into the pond and getting to see all the life contained there. We saw young newts with gills, giant dragonfly larva, leeches, a peeper that still had its tail, snails and much more. I love living at Watermark Farm!

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