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Chasing Pigs in the Dark

pink pig

The escapee

Last week we were very excited to bring home 10 piglets. We love having pigs on the farm. Given the ordeal of having to chase pigs to load them onto the trailer, we started construction of a new chute and small pen which would hopefully make loading and unloading a lot easier. Well the weather didn’t cooperate and we weren’t totally finished with the chute. The last thing to do was move a fence line so that we could back the trailer right up to the chute.

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Happy pigs in their new pen.

We got close. So the girls held a gate on one side and I held a cattle panel on the other. Dave chased the pigs out of the trailer. A pink pig came out first and squeezed between the cattle panel and trailer and ran …Luckily the other nine didn’t follow and we got them safely into the pen.

The pig ran down the driveway and it was almost dark. The pig could have gone anywhere. A pink piglet in the woods alone at night is not going to make it. We grabbed flashlights and headed on a pig hunt. Our dog Orion ran into the woods below the house and I could hear the pig grunting. We went through the woods and circled back to the house. There was the pig at our back steps. Whew! Dave grabbed it and carried it up to the pen. (No small feat). We still have 10 happy piglets safely in their pen. It’s always an adventure at Watermark Farm!

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